SMILE4SUCCESS is truly diversified with its business activities spread all over India. The group is known for its successful implementation of unique business ideas. SMILE4SUCCESS is based at Bangalore. The company is promoted and managed by dedicated team of young, energetic, smart & hard working experienced professionals who have futuristic vision, impeccable records of accomplishment and a “Always Winning Attitude”.

DMI (Dermathoglyphics Multiple Intelligence) Analysis has been developed by scientists and research experts from world renowned Universities and it based on the knowledge from the Genetics, Embryology , Dermatoglyphics and Psychology and Neuroscience.

DMI Analysis from past so many years has a network in the countries like China, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, USA etc…

DMI Analysis is a comprehensive report that is benefiting millions around the world as the first step towards and enlightened life where happiness is guaranteed and success a consequence…

Many universities like Primagama in Indonesia have made this test compulsory for students. Primagama has conducted more than 1 million tests in last 5 years.

We are looking for partners all across India to associate with us. For further information, please feel free to contact us at info@smile4success.in

Vijayalaxmi Annigeri

Managing Partner – Head of Marketing and Designing

An MBA graduate in Finance and Marketing with experience in Banking industry, worked with top banks in different parts of Goa and Karnataka and started her own online venture from last 3years as an Independent Enterprise and encouraging and helping many people to take up Entrepreneurship.

Always believed in dreams and decided to diversify into a very modern and fantastic technology with the objective that can contribute to the society. Her dream is to help every child to excel in life who can pursue in what they love to do. Vision is to go out and touch as many million lives as possible.

Dr. Sushma

Managing Partner – Head of Research and Development

A BDS graduate having a work experience in dentistry and research field started her own business and successfully running it in various parts of India from last 3 years helping many individuals to fulfill their dreams.
Having a strong belief that “everyone is born to SUCCEED” is passionately building business to help many to find their innate potential to get extraordinary success in Life.
Dr. Sunil Patil

Managing Partner – Head of Business Development

Founder of Sanjeevini Group of Dental Clinics and Senior Dental surgeon with experience over 11yrs. Along with multiple dental clinics, Sunil is also an Entrepreneur successfully running a Global E-commerce venture offering many services and products in Education, Hospitality, Life style and Wellness industry. The venture is established in major markets like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Dubai, Australia and UK. He offers many opportunities and help people to become independent business owners.

DMIA concept, realized the magnitude of opportunity in understanding once potential and intelligence to give a new dimension of possibilities to people. Vision is to make a difference by touching many hearts and discovering a genius in every child…..

S K Santoshkumar

Managing Partner – Head of Training and Skill Building

A fruitful 16 years of experience includes more than a decade of IT industry experience with 2 IT global giants. Working experience across USA, UK & Australia with multipleglobal clients has enriched his expertise in Project Management, Business Development, Training & Development and People Management.
As an entrepreneur, he is already successfully building global business providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs.
He is having a strong life purpose to help people, especially children to identify and develop their innate talents & hence, enable them to become highly successful in a chosen field of LIFE.
Deepak Singh Hajeri

Business Associate

Has a very rich experience in IT industry with close to 16 years, having worked for top Multi National Companies in USA,Australia and UK for close to 4 years.

As an Entrepreneur, he is successfully building a world class global business over a couple of years and also helping many aspiring entrepreneurs to grow and build the business under global platform.

DMIA is an wonderful concept which brings a great help to almost every one (from 3yrs to 100yrs age). His mission is to take this concept to more and more people around the world.

G. Subhash Chandu

Business Associate

An MBA graduate in Finance with an experience over 12yrs in Finance accounting, worked with top companies like Su-kam and IBM GPS Ltd. Since 2yrs he is into e-commerce venture and have provided Entrepreneurship to highly ambitious and like minded people.

Through DMIA, he wants to reach people and help them in understanding that everyone is born with intelligence and have to identify the their potential field and exploit it for better and bright future.

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