Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of skin ridge patterns found on the palms of hands and toes.
Earlier days, American doctors came across a strange case where the infant is born without brain and the disease was named “Anencephaly”. In Anencephaly, doctor discovered that most of the time with absence of brain even the fingerprints were missing. Multiple cases like this have happened throughout the history. It was also observed that in the gestation period, fingerprints and brain development happens simultaneously during week 13 to week 21, which led to many research and that made medical experts to believe that the fingerprints are absolutely related to brain.
In Conventional method of testing, questionnaire format is used where answers are influenced by the emotional and mental state of individual most of the times. In Dermatoglyphic Evalution analysis is done using fingerprints which is unique from person to person and will never change for lifetime which leads to accurate results.
As per WHO (World Health Organization), about 14,000 students commit suicides in India due to exam relates stress.
For any student or professional who have chosen a profession which is not of his strength will become stressful.
So understanding one’s potential through Smile4Success DMI Analysis and choosing the right profession leads to happy and successful LIFE.
No, not at all. Palmisty, Astrology or Chiromancy is the foreseeing of the future through interpreting lines of the palm whereas Dermatoglyphics is the science which compares, analyzes and classifies the patterns of the skin ridges on the person’s finger tips which will only discover the inborn talent and behavior which is already there by birth.
Dermatoglyphic Evaluation has been developed after years of research and development by world famous Psychologists. And over the years Scientists and medical doctors have used genetics, embryology, dermatoglyphics, anthropology and anatomy as basis to observe, validate and conclude the result of Dermatoglyphics. It has been considered as a most advanced and useful tool to understand the functioning of brain lobes.
Finger print scanning will be done by professionals report will be generated in the lab and detailed counseling will be done by our certified counselors. Entire process will take 15 days.
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